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Choose your favorite crystals AND intention for your talisman.

We would collaborate on:
– type of crystals and/or semi-precious gemstones
– arrangement of crystals, “style” of layout of crystals
– color of leather or cloth strip (pick only one color: black, dark brown, medium brown, natural, white, green)

Personalized Talismans are programmed with:
– Reiki Energies (energy healing modality)
– Biofield Boost System
– One Intention programmed into your Personalized Talisman of your choosing

Each Quantum Crystal Personalized Talismans takes much time and energy to create, with various design aspects to consider. Each Personalized Talisman might take up to 30 days till final product is ready for shipment.

Prices vary, starting from $300 depending on specific crystals/semi-precious gemstones used in your own Personalized Talisman.  

Any inquiries, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Contact Us at:


[Pictured Personalized Talisman (SOLD)                                                                                                                               Crystals: Labradorite Skull, Aragonite Star Cluster, Fulgurite]


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